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ionic_spider in bloodandrice

Travel plans

Okay, so according to last night's discussion, this is what we're planning on doing with our time in Nanjing:

Wei: He's still not entirely sure why he agreed to go to Nanjing... sounded like a good idea at the time? Once his caravan guard duty is done and he no longer has orders to tell him what he's to do with his nights, he's likely to wander off, lurk in teahouses and play Go like before, leaving those hooligans Heng and Qiu to their own devices. Though these rumors of trouble-starting foreigners are interesting. Maybe he'll harass some of them if it turns out to be true.

Heng: He's here to par-tay. A bigger, more exciting city means a better nightlife, and he wants to spend time immersing himself in the human culture. Sensory overload and a good time are the goals here.

Qiu: Her original intention was to learn and socialize. New court with new court culture and politics, those encroaching foreigners, it has her curious about what goes on down here. However, Heng's starting to rub off on her, and she's warmed up to the idea of some freespirited revelry, too. She can't quite remember the last time she had a chance to really do any of that. And you never know. You can meet the most interesting people in a city's pleasure districts.

Feel free to make any changes or addendums, form specific plans, or the like. This post is mainly to open discussion, not to be a closed statement.


May 2008

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